Tips For Restaurant And Catering Storage

Most restaurant owners find it very useful to use a self-storage facility in keeping the equipment they are not using. This mostly happens during off season when there are few guests in most restaurants.

Sometimes if you own a restaurant or handle catering business, you may find that space is a problem at times especially if you have a lot of supplies. This problem can be solved by visiting Storage Parramatta facility as it enables you keep your equipment in a safe and clean environment.



To be able to organise your equipment in the best way possible, consider the storage solutions discussed below:



Furniture is mostly placed under self-storage care by caterers although restaurants may require the services too.

While caterers mostly require a place to store tables and chairs to each event because they are needed at different times depending on the occasions, restaurant owners only need a facility to keep their excess furniture throughout the year.

Therefore, this makes self-storage facilities very dependable to both restaurants and catering departments.


Inventory And Supplies

There are a lot of inventory and supplies needed in restaurants and catering businesses. Although these inventory and supplies may involve storing beer, wines and other liquor, it should not involve storing food items.

You should understand that storing beer and wine in a self-storage facility is demanding because it requires the facility to have climate control systems which are designed specifically for this purpose. Some of the inventory and supplies which could be stored include:

  • Dishes
  • Pots
  • Bowls
  • Silverware
  • Serving utensils
  • Aprons
  • Notebooks


Dishes And Glassware

If you have to store dishes and glassware, you are required to pack them carefully because they are very fragile. To safely store them you are supposed to wrap each glassware with a newspaper and then place it gently into a packing box.

Also, if you are storing plates and bowls, you are supposed to stack them on top of each other while separating them using a newspaper to avoid cracking or breaking during transit or storage. Silverware should not be stored for long because it can scratch or tarnish easily.

However if you need to store silverware, you can just leave the silverware in the silverware box if the lid is intact because they can neither crack nor break.


Seasonal Items

Self-storage facility can be very useful in storing seasonal items which are used periodically in restaurants. As seasons change, your restaurant layout also changes making you add or remove some items to match with the occasion.

For instance, you can store decorations, seasonal menus, centrepieces and promotional menus to create more space. In addition, you can keep holiday flair items such as napkins and candles when not needed in a normal outlay.

Sometimes, weather changes can make a restaurant owner keep away some items which were previously used e.g. umbrellas, heaters and fire pits.


New Themes

Restaurants and catering businesses always need to be freshened up with new looks and themes periodically to attract customers, match the occasion and satisfy their customers.

Catering and restaurant storage unit makes it very easy for owners rotate menus, curtains and table cloths to bring changes from time to time. The storage may also be used to keep different uniforms used by staffs while offering services.


Organising Your Storage Unit

To have an effective storage system, you should have an organised approach which could ease up packing, loading and unloading items for storage. To have an organised unit, you should:

  • Label storage boxes according to the contents they have inside
  • Arrange the boxes according to their weight. The heavy boxes should be stacked at the bottom while those that have fragile items and are lighter should be stacked on top
  • Have shelves or tables to ease storage and accessing some items such as aprons which are needed from time to time
  • Keep an ongoing list of items in the storage unit and where they are located to avoid wasting time looking for the items
  • Keep the items you need frequently towards the front of the unit and those that you rarely use or require at the back to save time


Benefits Of Self-Storage

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