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The Advantages of Getting a Tax Disc Reminder

Unfortunately,  more and more motorists are fined for forgetting to pay their car taxes all over Europe. This has become an increasingly common problem since the UK government scrapped the tax discs to save money that would otherwise go on tax disc printing. Thousands of people have their vehicle clamped without their consent and hundreds of UK citizens have paid hefty fines just because they forgot to renew their car tax. You are probably thinking – If we had a physical motor vehicle tax disc reminder on our windshields, like before, this would never happen. Well, we have a solution for your problem! Now, you can buy a personalized Tax Disc Reminder online and never forget to pay car taxes again! Many people have found this reminding service very helpful and useful.

What Happens If You Forget to Renew Your Car Tax?

Research has shown that more than 8,000 people in one month missed the deadline to renew their tax and ended paying hefty fines from £500 and £800. As this isn’t enough, they also have to pay a release fee and back-tax. 4 out of 10 fined people also had to pay for a new MOT. So, if you aren’t sure about whether or not to get a tax disc reminder, consider is it better to pay £4.99 for a tax disc or more than £800 for fines and additional release fees. You also have the possibility to have your car clamped without your consent.

Never Forget to Renew Car Taxes Again

Not many companies offer quality tax discs reminders in the UK. However, there is a great demand for low cost reminder tax disc that would include our car tax renewal date. In order to save money, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency introduced new car tax rules and switched to a digital system. Since people aren’t used not to have paper discs on their windshields, they keep forgetting the date when they should renew their car tax.  Instead of having this problem or trying to get used to a digital system, buy yourself a cheap tax disc reminder. These reminders are UV fade resistant and can be customized according to your needs, personality and style.

I have not received my tax disc reminder – do not worry and order one today! Click on our link to find quality handy designer tax discs at an affordable price. You can put them whenever you want. The usual place is on the windscreen where your old tax disc used to be. If you prefer, you can also get a personalized tax disc holder. By having this visual reminder, you will never again forget to renew your car tax and book your MOT. With this little paper disc, you will avoid paying hefty fines or experiencing a wheel-clamping catastrophe. It is very easy to order a tax disc reminder. You simply have to click on our link, fill in a simple form and click the order now button. That’s it! You will receive your Tax Disc Reminder in no time!